Nov 26, 2010


While at Target today, braving the crowds, I happened to see
Ryan Reynolds glaring at me from People's Sexiest Men with a current project to promote Alive issue

It looks like he's on the couch letting a side fart out there to me. I'm sure the doritos are just out of camera frame.

I mean, yes, he's got a great body, and I guess he's funny, but sexy he ain't. I mean really. But what do I know?
A cursory flip through the magazine made me groan aloud. Then again, I have to remember, this is the magazine who's put Tom Cruise there at least once.
So, being lazy, here's my attempt at NIHG's Sexiest Men Jason Can Think of Right Now.

I haven't put anyone on here I haven't already written about here. I'm just that lazy, but then so is People, don't you think?

This is by no means a definitive list. I could do this all day. Actually, I think I do do this all day. Still each of these I think, deserves the spot more than Mr. Morisette-Johansson up there.

Here they are, in vaguely chronological order. I've put together someone for every age, equal opportunity, that's what I'm saying.


the adorable Mark Ruffalo

the dreamy Mr. Franco

the sexy, sexy Tom Hardy
the sweet Charlie Cox


Breezy said...

I will probably be the only one defending Ryan Reynolds, but he is sexy. After all, it is one magazine's editors' opinions. (possessives OK??) I admit I watched the special on TV a week or so ago and saw the process. They take it very seriously. It was almost like they were curing cancer seriousness. Really.

I liked your pictures, but some guys I would just rather let my imagination lead me to believe they look like something different underneath. I liked James Franco's sleeping picture though.

jason said...

Hmmmm....I dunno. I just don't see him as sexy at all. He's good looking, but sexy? I don't get it.

That said, I know for a fact you are not alone. I'm sure the straight gals all have the hots for him. It seems like they would, like Brad Pitt, and George Clooney and such, two others I never understood.

Anonymous said...

Tucci, Hardy, Ruffalo, definitely. Cox? Who's he?

As for Ryan, yes...he is sexy. In fact, I'd let him be all sexy from dusk till dawn if he wanted to.

Body? Check. Face? Check. Everything else? Check, check, check.

As for "SEXIEST" I can think of others.

Anonymous said...

This is a good list (particularly Mark Ruffalo), but I would add Jon Hamm as #1 and Christopher Meloni near the top of the pack. Dennis Quaid would be up there, too.

Ryan Reynolds is handsome and charming, but not sexy (there's a diff).

hayward said...

I was in line at the Dollar General yesterday and noticed Mr. Reynolds staring at me from the magazine rack. His eyes were saying, "You know you want me. Everyone does." I find his charm crosses a bit too far into cockiness. In my fantasy, when I meet him he is mute and already shirtless.

Jill said...

I've never thought he was sexy. He reminds me of a taut little slobbery puppy. Your list is far better. Love Tucci!

Anonymous said...

You are now officially a candidate to be my bff, since our taste in men differ in absolute...


Andy said...

Ruffalo,Hardy...very attractive....but Henry Cavill and Jon Hamm might have been great additions...Simon Cowell too!!
but then beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

Michael Guy said...

I suppose I'd let Reynolds blow me by accident.

Still, your list is way hotter. And I love Tucci's little belly pleat. It gives me hope. Ruffalo? Hello teh hotness!!!!

x said...

Yeah not sure how he made the list. Tucci is so damn hot and like the rest of the list. I wish for once magazines wod choos regular guys for their profiles. Not models. Not stars. Bu the hot guys you see in the subway or at Starbucks.

TJB said...

Oh. Stanley. Yes, please.

Tom Hardy -- don't know who he is, except that he's an English actor; and, being a Brit, he should embrace his countrymen's long love affair with impeccable tailoring. He'd be even better looking if that suit fit him properly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Stanley and Mr. Franco. Real men, indeed! But I have to say, I've always been partial to Ed Harris and Ed Norton. Who knows, maybe I have a thing for men named Ed. I have an ex who is an Ed.

I've never been attracted to Hollywood's idea of perfection.

Mar gar et said...

Yeah, who is Charlie Cox, anyway? Likey. And yes, Jon Hamm. Ryan Reynolds is like the boy next door. Squint, and he's okay, better than nothing.

ricola said...

:) I prefer your list as well. Well, except for mr.Cox, too young and grungy for me.

jason said...

Well, I'll take Mr. Cox since no one else wants him.
He starred most recently in Stardust, Margaret.
Fab, feel free to toss any of your unwanted men at my feet. I'll take the crumbs.
I've not seen the popular Mr. Hamm in action, however. I've never seen Madmen, so I'll have to defer from judging his sexiness. He is very handsome in still photos, I admit.

The Mistress said...

Hamm as Don Draper...

Rent Mad Men NOW.