Dec 11, 2012

can you guess our mystery guest?

Mystery dates from two of the books I'm looking at the pictures of reading right now.

Ex. A.

Sample quote:
 "I gazed lovingly into my husband's eyes while he, being somewhat shorter than I, stood on a box."

Ex. B.

Sample quote: "'It's like---squishy and mushy a little, and all over my clothes! Gross!'"

Sample thoughts:

1. I find myself attracted to both of them.

2. I am profoundly disturbed by this (moreso by  Exhibit B than to Exhibit A, however.)

2. Who has the better hair?


ayeM8y said...

Okay, I know who exhibit A is because I watched the September Issue. And she is the unsung hero of that publication.

Ex A...

I'm Attracted but only because if I was a girl I'd want to be her. Before the accident. And she has the better hair.

Exhibit B...

I'd do him on the steps of the New York Library.

Not disturbed in the least.

He probably doesn't have hair anymore.

P.S. I enjoy your taste level at this very moment.

Diane said...

A is easy (and she has better hair), but you've stumped me with B.

ayeM8y said...

Is B-Carter Oosterhouse?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

A is too easy, she's gone into the woods.

B, what Pirate said.

normadesmond said...

some people age better than others.

i have no idea who the dude is.

mistress maddie said...

Im with ayem8y, exhibit A is a unsug hero, and is quite the lengend and a role model for myself. And 'GC' has way better hair!!! Who the hell is the guy?

Anonymous said...

Is B Andy Cohen?

jason said...

yes, dear is indeed.