Dec 1, 2012

Stick it

I've just returned yet another crowded suburban parking lot where every other SUV has one of these on it.

I groan each time I see one.
Next step, might be a razor blade....(to the window or my wrists, not sure.)

OMG. I may need to kill someone
Just stop it already, people!

Ok, not quite as bad
Finally something I hope to see one day.


normadesmond said...

more proof that you reside in another dimension;
i've never, ever seen one of these, ever.

Ur-spo said...

What gets me is the man is always taller, and he comes first. Really? every man married someone less tall than he?
My favorite one is two male stick figures with a brontosaurus. I would love to know that story.

mistress maddie said...

These get on my nerves too! They are soooooo frickin suburban, I can't stand it! I have thought of doing a gay one, where there is a male stick figrue, doggie style getting it by another, with a line of other male stick figrues lined up.

savannah said...

i was massively surprised by the number of these abominations that i saw while i was out in lalaland, sugar! i mean, i was in the city, not the 'burbs, right?! *smh* xoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

never seen one either

govtdrone said...

Also, I am tired of the whole Zombie meme. Then when it is a combo of Zombies & family stickers? Ugh

Diane said...

WTF? I've never seen these in my life. Can it be that for once Texas is advanced? Oh, never mind. Don't answer that question.