Dec 14, 2012

thought for the day


ayeM8y said...

So much sadness and tragedy lately. I believe the President was sincere in that moment. As I type this on social media...I can't help but wonder how much of the blame is on the media today? Saturation of events on CNN, Facebook, blogs, twitter, etc.

You know that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge must feel horrible that her very presence in a hospital brought about the death of someone.

A lesson to be learned about making someone a world wide sensational viral joke.

jason said...

I've been wondering that much of this is caused by us, in our making these criminals "famous", feeding into their delusions.

But mostly, I've just been tearing up each time I think about the horror of it all.

Margaret said...

The unthinkable happened again.

I hope "snark" we post here, and on other blogs, is not harmful. Terribly droll at the most?

When it's snowing outside, the holiday lights are lit, and we're warm and toasty inside celebrating, it's unfathomable that the ones who plot against love should enjoy the same holiday songs, or food or comfort. Yet, we know they're not well, and therefore we try to come together and make sense of the horror, comfort the mourners and hope that this time will be the last. That's hope. At least for those who seek peace.