Dec 22, 2012

thought for the day



Ur-spo said...

hohoho - NOT

Jon said...

"Edie Schmeedie Heedie, HA HA HA HA!" Jx

mistress maddie said...

Ohhhhh dear God, my holidays will never be the same again. Thanks Jason.

normadesmond said...

did you know that the line of edie xmas cards
bring big $$$$? i saw three sell for a bundle.
sadly, i only have one.

what a shmuck i am. i coulda
bought all they had & retired today!

MJ said...

I have a box of Del Rubio Triplets xmas cards, Norma.

normadesmond said...

must be a full box since i have
no del rubio xmas card in my hand.