Sep 20, 2012

The NIHG Wishbook 2012 is here!

From our Men's Fashions Department:

776. "One step beyond" Starflash lame ensemble, gold or silver  $19.95.  777.  Chocolate Velvet lounge set $35.00

From our Ladies' department:
212. Blackeyed Susan Swimsuit with accessories.  $50.99 (plus an extra twenty on the nightstand)

                                   From our toy department:
24. Bearbie doll $15.99
666. The Inflatable Unicorn horn. For Cats.  $5.99 (cat not included)

345. Hand crocheted penis Chap Stik holder. $2.00

40. The Dolly doll  $38.24

From our Housewares Department:
13. Anal rape pencil sharpener  $19.99

177. Stylish Grape cluster hanging lamp $50.00

96. Sophisticated Erotica phone $69.69

Place your orders now.  Supplies are limited.  


MJ said...

I propose that we open a "Chocolate Velvet Lounge" here at NIHG.

normadesmond said...

and i propose we open a nationwide
chain of stores with jason as buyer.

mistress maddie said...

Is it me or am I the only one turned on by the Bearbie? And funny , the chap stick penis cover reminds me of an unfortunate guy I dated once. It last two days.

Ur-spo said...

groovy baby !