Sep 14, 2012

just cuz

I know I'm taking notes.  All I need is a big yellow bedsheet
and a buttload of bugle beads. Halston, I'm guessing?


ayeM8y said...

Could be Bob Mackie!!!

Either designer...your going to need a buttload of bugle beads. I'm amazed she was able to hold the thing up. They must have had a mast that she's lashed to or invisible guy wires.

P.S. I'm thinking of being Phyllis Diller for Halloween.

Thombeau said...


normadesmond said...

i loved the whole album.

mrpeenee said...

I was thinking Mackie, too. And sistah is working them sleeves, cause you need to if you're going to wear that.

Mean Dirty Pirate is going to be Dead Phyllis? Bold, very bold.