Sep 25, 2012

Gay history

1851 Horacio and Lionel:          Broke up after Lionel broke Horacio's second favorite Sevres epergne in a pique of rage. 

1861: Nathaniel and Ezra:         Broke up over the issue of slavery and states' rights (and Ezra's jungle fever )

1870: Edgar and Thomas:          Broke up over the heated case of bustles and postiches. 
1885: George and William and Marcus and John:          Broke up to become George and John and William and Marcus.
1890: Aaron and Jed:         Broke up when Jed became a vegan.
1919: Lloyd and Calvin and Jonathan: Broke up when Jonathan married Alice

1945: Peter and Glenn:        Broke up after one too many alcoholic rages
1950: Robert and Bud:      Broke up at 5 a.m. when Bud woke up.


Stephen said...

I LOVE this post!!!

Jon DeepBlue said...

And they say it's gettin' better???

Brilliant post!

Jill said...

Fuck, you make me laugh! I almost sent that with bad would have been a totally different comment.

mistress maddie said...

Yeah, that last sounds familar

mrpeenee said...

Oh, Bud. Haven't we all known him?

Ur-spo said...

go to 'the art of manliness' and look up their essay on buddy portraits; it is an interesting reading on these old photos.

normadesmond said...

soup to nuts, poifect.

MJ said...

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Those two in the chaps are very wooley, indeed.

ayeM8y said...

Do you have any gossip on what went wrong with Tonto and the Lone Ranger?

What about Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans?

The Captain always said that Mr. Green Jeans had more talent in his little pinky than anyone else in the world.

Do you happen to have Mr. Green Jeans telephone number?

What about Tonto's?

jason said...

Mean Dirty:
a. Yes, I think it's 867-5309
b. from what a friend of a friend of mine told me Tonto claimed that he just couldn't compete with the sack. Sad, really.