Dec 5, 2010

vicarious name dropping

Every other day, it seems, I'm getting some email from a friend which leaves me pea green with envy. Things like:

"Oh, Provence is just gorgeous in October", or "Oh, I just got back from Chik Fil-a", or
"Oh, I just had sex this decade."

This, however, from tonight, takes the cake:

"They came into our store in the quarter. It's funny too because they came in, and I think "oh, they surely look like David Bowie and Iman" but I didn't think it actually was them because I don't actually meet celebrities, well except that time I met Lindsay Lohan too, but that story is lame.

They were really down to earth and normal people. They said they got bored in Miami so flew out here.

I got kinda stupid when I realized they really were David Bowie and Iman. I couldn't talk completely and I failed to ask anything or get a picture taken or anything. But they stayed about an hour and talked to us. Just so you know, Iman is approximately 12 feet tall and David Bowie has the most attractive laugh ever."


sam said...

Well if that friend of yours can die happy, I say it's high time we kill him or her. Amirite?

ricola said...

I...Die. D.I.E. Die.

ayeM8y said...

Siberia is really at it’s best in December...I just got a black angel tree topper from Family Dollar...I had sex last Sunday morning when I woke up and my boyfriend was raping me...Oh and I once saw Gary Collins and Mary-Ann Mobley in the private airport at Grand Junction Colorado...Gary is like 12 feet tall and Mary-Ann was wearing Chinchilla...

Margaret said...

Has your Provence friend ever asked you to go 'shroom hunting' by chance..?

MJ said...

Just slap the bitch and get it over with.

normadesmond said...

they stayed for an hour. what kind of store does your friend have?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I just re-read my comment and I sound like a pretentious twat!

I am sorry Jason.

savannah said...

save yourself, sugar! just delete without reading. trust me on this one key thing. ;~D xoxoxoxo

(btw, where exactly in the quarters is his shop? you know, just in case i get over to nola.)

normadesmond said...

fabulastic, as long as you know what kind of a twat you sounded like, it's all good.

jason said...

sam: yeah, you right.
ricola: exactly!
mean dirty: I hate you.
(I mean sex on a sunday is one thing, but bragging about a Dollar Tree black angel tree topper that I DON'T HAVE is just being cruel)
Margaret: actually, she's asked me to visit. That's another story.
MJ: May do this week.
Miss Desmond: an art gallery
Fab: There is no need to apologize at all. OMG If I knew Catherine Deneuve I'd have it tattooed on my forehead! And I'd tell every living soul I ever met. I'm serious. I'm just that tacky and shameless. Sorry.
Savannah: Somewhere on Chartres, I think.

Michael Guy said...

I've worshipped IMAN for 25-years.

Then she opened her mouth on BRAVO Network's 'Fashion Show.'

Miss Janey said...

Well, jebus. Who wouldn't be jealous?