Dec 19, 2010

Rufus, featuring Bok Choy

Last night was Dennis's holiday party. He rented out the big karaoke room at a Japanese place.

By the way, sake bombs and tempura at 10 pm is not a good idea for future reference.

The first (and last) time I did karaoke, apparently I gained something of a reputation (with my Peabo Bryson, Diana Ross, Foreigner medley).
Not sure if that was good or not.

I was forced to do a solo.
I declined all night, but then this is what was chosen for me:

Not to brag, but I think I might be just one gold sequined tube top and three sake bombs away from getting up on stage.

Unfortunately, instead of having Chaka up on the screen in her full glory, the state-of-the-art, straight-from Japan karaoke machine there shows postcard images of rural Japan:

pretty young Japanese girls coyly splashing water with their toes (Journey's Don't Stop Believin'), Mt. Fuji at sunset (Coolio's Gansta's Paradise), the bullet train. (Amazing Grace)

I had to sing Rufus while watching a panorama of bok choy fields.


MJ said...

You're every woman.

You can do it.

savannah said...



ricola said...

I don't know that implanting the image of you in my head wearing a gold sequined tube top was :tellin' me somethin good." But, "I'll tell you that I like it." Yeah. :P

normadesmond said...

just put my chakakhan menorah away for the season.

hayward said...

I bet you nailed it too. There's a R&B/disco diva inside of you Jason screaming to get out.

FelixInHollywood said...

Jason: Live Stompin' at the Hanoi.