Dec 30, 2010

the year in deadly sins

1. Gluttony
November: That night I threw away the red velvet cake I'd baked...and ate an entire bowl of cream cheese frosting in one sitting.

2. Lust
January-December: All those long, lost, wasted hours of sifting through porn .

3. Greed
October: Spending my monthly salary on a trip to San Francisco (to see Peenee and the Golden gate). Worth every penny.

4. Pride
May, August, December: Former students constantly visiting me: two now with phds (!), four who are now coworkers, and well, hell, even the pregnant ones too.

5. Sloth
August: That migraine I got from spending 30 hours in bed, online. (refer to number 2)

6. Wrath
September: When the first new car I'd ever owned was destroyed by a driver under the influence.

7. Envy
December: Seeing three count 'em three cute gay couples blissfully shopping in Target last week. (ahem)
and you?


normadesmond said...

what glorious china you have!

alas, all i have is messageless melmac.

MJ said...

Mine's Fiestaware.

hayward said...

My envy list is probably longer than it should be. Right now I envy the bowl of frosting and that you are in a position to mold young people's lives.

jason said...

So let me see if I got this right,
three envies and a lust?

savannah said...

i'm not telling, sugar! ;~D we both live in the south, so, i need not divulge any secrets or sins....
happy new year, darlin! xoxoxoxxo

ayeM8y said...

Gluttony: I baked 38 cupcakes and ate 34 in two days.

Lust: The gorgeous MBA hippie with the tousled highlighted hair that was trying on clothes standing around in his underwear.

Greed: Finding and then hoarding all the treasures that people are looking for.

Pride: That my talents were in high demand this year.

Sloth: Laying in my bed for two days with my pigpen surrounding me.

Wrath: Cussing and flipping the bird at every single driver on highway 98 this year.

Envy: Wishing I had been the person complaining that winning 97 million dollars in the lottery ruined their lives.

Happy New Year you glutinous, lusty, greedy, prideful, slothful, wrathful, envying sinner you.

Ur-spo said...

ooh I like this one!
I shall use it next month
Happy 2011 !

mrpeenee said...

I envy your being able to eat in New Orleans, but that's all year, every year.

Michael Guy said...

Envy: Just saying...Kate Middleton ruined my life.

ricola said...

Gluttony: Cooking dinners that would feed four and eating them all myself.

Lust: Any visit to Rockbar in NYC.

Greed: I'm not very greedy.
Pride: Working with fantastic people.

Sloth: My present 7am-5pm sleep schedule

Wrath: Nor am I especially wrathful.

Envy: couples.

jason said...

yeay!!! fiiiiinally some folks play along!
Thank you!
So, this was my lame little attempt at creating a meme, I suppose.

Of course the lust answers are the most interesting, because I'm just that pervy.

Anonymous said...

Those are some of my favourites things!

With exception of Wrath (I am too much of a gentleman to loose my temper) and Envy (If it can not be mine it does not exist...), the other are just my every day routine...

Due to my sudden noveau pauvre condition, I think this year I will focus on Greed.

govtdrone said...

Sloth: being too lazy to finish the rest...