Dec 26, 2010

in mourning

rest in peace, lady t.


normadesmond said...

wow, i had no idea. i just saw her on a "soul train" rerun.

Michael Guy said...

ARE you frickin' kidding ME!? Teena Marie is dead?!?!?

oh. my. god.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

me too...had no idea Jason!

ayeM8y said...

I just found out!

You know how much I loved her.

I'm very sad today.

FelixInHollywood said...

Just found out at ayem8y's. Rushed over here to tell you how sorry I am - for both of us. She's never been very far away from any, turntable, tape deck, cd player or playlist I've ever owned.

I would always swoon in rhapsodic agony when I'd listen to My Dear Mr. Gaye, but who's around to write the perfect song for her?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I was first at the office with the news. Now I work for two gay guys, and the receptionist is a black woman who loves to hang out in gay bars.

Well one fo the gay guys is my age, the other is younger. The younger guy comes in and says "Who?" And I was disgusted.

Farewell, Ms. T. Just do me one favor. When you get to heaven steer clear of Rick James because that mother-fucker is crazy.

Anonymous said...

I must confess I never heard of her before. It is a pity it had to be in such gloomy circumstances.

As the lyrics goes:
«You made love to me like fire and rain
Ooh, you know you've got to be a hurricane
Killing me with kisses, oh, so subtly
You make love forever, baby
You make love forever»

It seems to me an accurate description of a Portuguese lover...

ricola said...

Quite sad. Truly.

Miss Janey said...

Such a shame. She was still quite young.

Margaret said...

Teena Marie's "Congo Square" is pure perfection, and one of the few songs that portray Nola accurately.