Dec 30, 2009

unsolicited thoughts on movies recently seen

Saw a perfect review of it somewhere: "Dances with Smurfs". Pretty well sums it up. I had no preconceptions. I figured I'd hate it, but I went just to see the 3d effects. They made me dizzy. The whole human subplot (astronauts etc.) was completely needless and confusing. Just focus on the Smurfs. Very heavy handed, but not that bad.

"Young Victoria" As a costume drama whore, of course I had to see this. I can't help it. I was the only man there, though there was this one woman up front with either an Adam's apple...or a goiter, hard to tell.
I'll see anything with a costume. The costume and sets were the chief attraction. It sort of wanted to be "Elizabeth", I think, but of course couldn't. Nice enough, but cold. It was the perfect diversion for a miserable afternoon.

"Coco Before Chanel": very disappointing and dreary. She seems like a sullen bitch. The only good part was the fashion show at the end. Oh, and the very dreamy Alessandro Nivola. I still remember fondly from when I was a kid, a French movie about her from that used to be run in the early days of HBO. I'd like to see that again. Oh, and "Lady Chatterly's Lover"....and "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" too.

"Nine": a few thoughts:
Fergie: surprisingly inoffensive. Marion Cotillard: stupid song, good actress. Judi Dench: doesn't even try an accent. Nicole Kidman: still thinks this is "Moulin Rouge". Kate Hudson: best song of a bad lot...such a waste.Daniel Day Lewis: so hot, so batshit crazy. You can just tell. Penelope Cruz: hot but not quite as batshit crazy.

Anyway, most importantly, why can't anyone get Sophia Lauren a decent wig?

That there would be a perfect movie-musical plot for you, Guido.

Movies missed, to be seen...or not:
"Precious" (because I'm "leading" a "book club" "discussion" on Push by Sapphire and am too lazy to read it...and yes, all of those quotation marks are warranted.), "A Single Man" (which will probably never come to this podunk town), "Up in the Air" (people tell me I should....zzzz), "Sherlock Holmes" (which looks bad, but again with the costumes...and Jude), "The Princess and the Frog" (purely out of parochial pride), and maybe even "It's Complicated" and "The Blind Side"(just because someone sneered at them both, and I'm ornery like that.)


MJ said...

Sophia should be advised to shun anything from the Dolly Parton wig collection.

Michael Rivers said...

Thanks for the thoughts. I haven't seen any of these. The only one I really want to is Young Victoria. But it sounds like I could wait for DVD.

joe*to*hell said...

AMEN on sophia!!!!

and take her out of the tanning booths!

Anonymous said...

You have me cracking up with your reviews. I saw Young Victoria last weekend. Not bad, but definitely no Elizabitch. Emily Blunt is one of my faves. She practically stole the whole movie in Devil Wears Prada.

Think I'll wait for DVD for Nines. If it's anything like Moulin Rouge, I press stop.

And yes, please get Sophia a new weave. (BTW, is she made of plastic?)

Christopher said...

I think Sophia is 100% Leather...or is that Naugahyde?

ilduce said...

Saw "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" recently on an evening spent at home nursing the injured feet....WORTH IT!!!

Ur-spo said...

we see Young Victoria tomorrow.
I rather liked Nine
Just say no to Smurfs

FelixInHollywood said...

* "A Single Man" (which will probably never come to this podunk town)*

Jason, thank you. That was just the kick in the ass I needed. I've been wanting to see that since it came out and 'just haven't gotten around to it'.

But reading that sentance me realize how much I take for granted living in a town like LA, and how lucky I am. So, next week definitely. Just waiting for my best bud to come back to town as we promised to see it together.

Happy 2010, dear man.

Jill said...

Thank you for making my movie selection smaller! Mucho appreciated. Nine...I'm just going to have to see. I love DDL and I have a girl crush on Penelope Cruz. And...I never saw Moulin Rouge! I saw the broadway production of Nine when I was a teenager in NYC. Loved it.

I heard from a friend who has done Sophia's makeup many moons ago that she is incredibly hairy.

Happy New Year Jason!

mrpeenee said...

I'm looking forward to Sherlock Holmes, just to see Watson paste Holmes in the pie hole. Insufferable prig.