Dec 25, 2009

Seven things not to do on Christmas day

1. Eat "Cajun injected" anything.

2. Dig a book out of neighbor's garbage.

3. Read a book by Sylvia Browne from neighbor's garbage.

4. Corn.

5. Look at photos of yourself, recent or old.

6. Visit

7. Stay sober.


Marshall said...

I'm not sure what "4. Corn." means, but it sounds dangerous.

Was your turkey Cajun injected? Was it too hot?

jason said...

#4 I'm too much of a gentleman to elaborate, sorry.

Yes, I'm afraid the turkey at the casino buffet was "cajun injected" with estrogen?....maybe nicotine...who knows.

But no, things are rarely too hot for me.

Michael Rivers said...

Such a wonderful list!!

KiKi said...

it is never a good idea to remain sober around family!

jason said...

I should have that needlepointed on a pillow, Kiki.
Very true.
And by the way, welcome!

ilduce said...

Oh dear, I find the visit to the most disturbing on the list. Avoid at all costs!

Jill said...

8. Don't drunk dial your Mom and sob that no one in your family loves you...and then have your husband say gently, "jill, hang up the phone now".

Dean Grey said...

What's wrong with Sylvia Browne, Jason!

She can predict the future and stuff!