Dec 14, 2009

here comes the rain again

I just woke from a nightmare. In it, somehow I was living in my Mom's house (yeah, there's enough for a nightmare right there).

But, wait, there's more.

Like I used to do when I was in school, I was goofing off, not getting ready (in this case, for work), doing everything I could to procrastinate.
(sort of like what I'm doing now, writing this post)

Suddenly I turned around and water began rising from the floor. By the time I got to the hall, it was chin deep and rising still...and then....I woke up in a hot sweat.

After vaccuuming three gallons of water out of my car yesterday and hearing about at least two people (neither of whom I knew, but one degree away from each so it seems) who were killed in Saturday's sudden flooding, maybe it makes sense.

(Ok, so maybe driking three gallons of water before bedtime didn't help either, but thankfully, I didn't pee myself too.)

Anyway, let's hope today's promised rains are better.


MJ said...

You might want to wear these to bed.

TJB said...

I'm sure there are some gents from those personal ads who wouldn't mind your emptying three gallons of water onto them during the night. Always a silver lining!

(Or panty lining.)

Bigg said...

Three gallons of water? Wowsers.

That's a pretty scary dream, too.

Miss Janey said...

And Miss J thought she got a lot of rain this weekend. Holy moly!

ayem8y said...

I'm so sick of this rain! It hasn't stopped for two weeks now. It's thundering outside as I type this.

On the other hand I've had the most wonderful dreams of the tropics and naked native boys.

mrpeenee said...

Oh, is it raining there?

Jill said...

Living in the desert has it's pluses. But...I miss thunder quite a lot.

ayem8y said...

Last night I opened the windows and let the cool rainy breeze and the thunder loll me to sleep.

*Sending Jill some thunder for Christmas*

Michael Guy said...

Three gallons of water?!

You'd be a hit at the tubs. From what I read in books and shit...