Dec 12, 2009

bah humbug and hello kitty

This morning I woke up feeling like an old(er) man. My arthritis was so bad I it felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Outside it's been raining and cold for the past few days, miserable.

Bah humbug etc.

Anyway, I'd hoped to have a few friends over tonight, whom I haven't seen in the past six months or so, but that all fell through.

One called yesterday at 1 pm (purposefully while I was at work it seems) to leave a message saying that she had to cancel, and then invited me to her niece's dance recital. One called to cancel a few days ago, because of a conflict with one of her boyfriend's family's event. The other I haven't heard from at all. (I suspect a craigslist hookup has intervened.)

Anyway, feeling a bit down and lonely, I decided to brave the traffic and rain and go Christmas shopping. What the hell, right?

I managed to get a fair bit done. I bought some clothes for the little girls I've "adopted" at work. A coworker of mine works with the homeless, and has a party for the children. Thank goodness I haven't been asked to be Santa or anything yet. I'd be mortified. Anyway, it's an excuse to buy toys and Hello Kitty paraphernalia with impunity.
That's a perk of the holiday season.

After that I went to Whole Foods, which was swinging...well, as swinging as someplace so white can ever be. They'd brought in a jazz band to play loudly in the middle of sushi bar. Needless to say, it was packed. Some woman in Lexus SUV nearly rear ended me in the parking lot, and do you know, but fifteen minutes later she managed to hit my buggy in the store. Bitch had it in for me, didn't even say "I'm sorry."

I decided to go ahead and buy myself some party foods, even if no one wanted to come over and see my little tree.
I bought some bread and a big honking block of danish blue cheese (on sale!) and two slices of cake, one a Tres Leches and one chocolate raspberry (which looked better than it tastes...yes, I've already had a taste. What else is there to do?)

Lastly, I bought some sort of lilies...a big bunch for 9 dollars. I figured I needed something green in here for the holiday. The Mylar tree isn't doing much on its own.

If I'm going to have a pity party, dammit it might as well look nice, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to climb into bed, turn on Raoul, my devoted loving faithful boyfriend electric blanket and eat tres leches from the carton.


Ur-spo said...

that sounds a sensible treatment for arthritis.

"Tommy" said...

Maybe Next time I come down, we can go to Whole Foods (Pay Check) and get Supper.

Thanks for posting a few minutes ago Suga Pie...

Julie said...

Don't worry.. the holiday merriment will be BROUGHTEN next weekend! Tree pics???

I love to shop for food as if I'm having a party. You should see my Saints tailgating for one! Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, brie stuffed mushrooms. Hmmm.. maybe if I laid off of the hors d'oeuvres, I'd be having more parties for two..

Whatever. Cheese is good.

BrooksNYC said...

I'm alone for Christmas. We've never met, Jason, but I wish you were here.

You know, if I can win the Powerball, I'll fly you to NYC and put you up at a swank 5-star hotel. In return, you'll accompany me on a few sappy holiday outings (Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Dyker Heights: Finally, I'll turn you over to your longtime admirer, Tom Ford (who, it is rumored, prefers to entertain indoors).

All the best, kiddo. Merry Christmas.

jason said...

ah managed to make me smile! :)
(and even use the dreaded emoticon too)

oh, and Happy Holidays to you (and Tom Ford) too.

mrpeenee said...

O sweetie, if only I could be there with you and Raul. Or failing that, just Raul and the tres leche, And some sshwimps.

larry said...

sounds like you had a busy day jason. wish i could be there....

Dean Grey said...

Awww, Jason.

Don't worry. Sometimes a party for one is better than a party for many.

I love the lilies especially since they're all buds.



MJ said...

If Peenee is coming, make him leave his new hat at home.

mrpeenee said...

oh shut up.

Jill said...

The lilies will smell wonderful once they open.

If it makes you feel any better, I think I've broken my little toe!