Apr 16, 2009

Too late

Human-Animal Hybrid Ban Sought

BATON ROUGE -- Legislation that would prohibit scientists in the state from creating human-animal hybrids for experimentation -- believed to be the first such ban proposed in the nation -- has been filed for debate at the lawmaking session that opens April 27.

Ummm...I'm afraid "scientists" around here have been attempting this for years in their own backyards and fields.

I think I've seen evidence of their success a few times at the Dollar General Store.

Anyway, I'm glad to see that, again, Louisiana is on the cutting edge of science.


Miss Janey said...

This really f's with Miss J's plan to become a mermaid. or a wolfman.

D-BB said...

So, this means no more lawyers?

Ur-spo said...

we have had hybrids like this for years here in Arizona.

seriously, man/animal hybrids have been the source of myths forever.