Apr 2, 2009

april fools overheard

"Hey, y'all I got a riddle...lissen!"
(resident class smartass)

"What's the square root of 69?"

"I don't know." (her naive friend)

"8 something"


"Pft. Never mind."

(smartass is frustrated, but tries again)

"What's the square root of 6.9?"

"I don't know...I ain't good in math."

"This ain't math, stupid!"

I don't know. (increasingly frustrated)

"What's the square root of 6.9?

A good thing messed up by a period."

(giggling from the outer audience.
Encouraged, smartass continues)

"Ok. Ok. What's the new gay website?

(no answer)

" : pound pound pound"

(confusion...and a smattering of nervous laughter)

"What's O. J. Simpson's new website?

// \ Escape "

"I don't get it." (naive friend shrugs)

"Girl, there ain't no hope for you. He killt his wife!
He escaped!")


"Lord have mercy."

(shaking her head in disgust)


ayem8y said...

Poor thing could use a “How to tell a joke” book. It would aid in his timing and delivery. The joke would be funnier if he had rolled them all into one. Something like what’s the square route of Nicole Simpson? pound pound pound // \ Escape!

Ur-spo said...

i enjoyed these.

Elizabeth said...

I miss people saying "LORD have mercy!" My Grandmother used to say it all the time (what she actually used to say was Lawsa Mercy!). It's such a catch-all phrase of WTF dismissal. (White) yankees don't say it so I'd sound like I was putting it on if I said it.

mrpeenee said...

My granny and my mother were both partial to "Merciful Heavens." SO much more ladylike than my own "What the fuck?"

Kapitano said...

Hello, I was sent here by MJ of Infomaniac. It's her "click on a blog you've never read and leave a comment there" party.

So many people seem convinced the best way to get love and respect is to tell jokes. These tend to be the ones who never listen to other people's jokes. Or indeed other people.


"What's the most important thing for a commedian?"

"I don't what's the mos-"