Apr 13, 2009

Nine random emotions from Morrissey

1. Empathy: Morrissey stripping off his shirt, melodramatically, only to have it catch on his wrists. Poor thing had to rub his wrists afterward. Happens to me all the time.

2. Relief: Not dressed nearly as inappropriately as I had feared. My mall wear blended in all too well.

3. Shame: My mall wear blended in all too well.

4. Boredom: Waiting with 50 or so other people outside the theater for the band to unload while tornado like winds whipped through downtown Houston.

5. Frustration: Missing seeing even a glimpse of him on the street because of dust blown in my eye. And his 300 pound guard.

6. Envy: Why can't we have nice theaters like this in NO? We can't have anything nice.

7. Comfort: reclining seats and no smoke at a concert!?

8. Curiosity: The hordes of latino(a) fans, including one paraplegic, one with her 12year old child...and at least two cholita midgets.

9. Humor: watching the five or so fans jump onstage during the last number to clutch at the love god himself. Flawlessly choreographed.


thombeau said...

Admit it: you were one of those five!

KAZ said...

Hi Jason - Infomaniac sent me here.
I’m from Manchester like your pal Morrissey and we have an IKEA too.
Hope he came up to expectations - I am finding his nude photo very erotic.

MJ said...

*waves to Thombeau*

Jason: Kaz is a long-time Infomaniac bitch and despite her alcoholic tendencies is really quite a lovely person.

Colleen said...

I just watched a fan blissfully hug Moz on stage during that Coachella documentary the other night. Guess it's not an isolated incident, especially since he didnt' seem phased at all.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

But enough of this. IKEA! I want to hear about empathy, relief, shame, boredom, frustration, envy, comfort, curiosity, and humor at IKEA!

Seriously though, I'm jealous.

ayem8y said...

Awe sorry, I was convinced Morrissey would have locked eyes with you and it would have been LOVE as you marched off to IKEA to pick out curtains and dish patterns. He might very well have and you missed out on it do to the tornadoes...damn dirt storms.

If it’s any consolation I’ll marry you if they should ever pass same sex matrimony in Luzianna just so we don’t end up spinsters.

larry said...

glad you had a good time! morrissey is hot o liscious!