Feb 3, 2009

two looks


Too bad smoking kills you and stuff.

If I thought I could pull any of this off, I'd give it a try.
(The kid's coat, maybe. )

From the sartorialist, of course.


ayem8y said...

Oh smoking is ever so stylish! Yellow fingers, teeth and a hacking cough complete the look. I never feel more chic than when I have to trek a mile or two in the Atlanta airport to get to the disgusting smoker’s lounge. It does make you thin though...puff puff...oh you don’t want to smoke and be cool like me...

thombeau said...

On an entirely different note, what are your thoughts on this?

jason said...

My thoughts on it, thom?
Well, I'm not sure how Drew will carry off Edie's voice with her lisp, but what the hell, let her try.

TJB said...

I just want ayem8y's smoking accessories.

(The lighter and case, not the hacking cough.)

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I would be a fan of the first look except for the missing socks. If it's cold enough for a duffel coat, it's cold enough for socks.

The dress shoes-no sock look has run its course. Why won't it go away?

TJB said...

Good call, Frontier Psychiatrist. I do find the first look a wee bit precious.

And who would want to miss the opportunity for another accessory: socks!

Breezy said...

Look #1: I love the fit of the pants, but the toggle coat will always remind me of Judd Nelson in St. Elmo's Fire.

Look #2: Love the look! I wish I could fold my scarf like that. He looks impeccable.

Michael Guy said...

The sport/suit coat with knotted scarf, exquisite leather gloves, sans winter top coat is very New York/Ivy League-style. I've tried it here a few times but my chattering teeth sorta ruin the overall visual.

Love the toggle coat; Ralph Lauren always seems to carry them and they're always a small fortune.