Mar 21, 2008

so-so friday

Today, being the good Catholic (shut up) that I am, I refrained from eating meat (shut up).

Traditionally, I assiduously try to go vegetarian for Good Friday, if not all through lent. There was a time when I was a de facto vegetarian, but that's a story for another time. Nowadays, one day a year is good enough for me.

Today I took myself to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant. It was early, and I got saddled with a surly waitress, not the lovely Russian girl with dreads who has usually waited on me.

I had the vegetarian plate. That's why I had gone. My past few experiences dining at restaurants alone have been a bit more pleasant thankfully. This one was not.

But if Jesus can die a painful death on a cross, I can eat hummus alone, right?

Tonight I'm going to a crawfish boil in honor of tomorrow's wedding. It's at a friend of the bride and groom's, so officially I will know no one there, but the two very preoccupied guests of honor.

If it's like every other such event I've ever been to (parties at which I know no one), I will make some awkward small talk to middle aged women from out of town. I'm sure I'll be patronizingly asked to teach them how to peel crawfish.

It's going to be a total white people event, if you know what I mean.

I'm kind of hoping to meet a few Methodists---a rarity around here. The bride's father is a minister, and her "whole family" (the groom tells me) have seemingly descended upon them.
He seems a bit scared.


Michael Guy said...

I didn't know Nawlin's had lesbian restaurants. But good on you for supporting them!

:: easily amuses self ::

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

One time at Cub Scout camp, we caught crawfish and then ate them. They were really good, but now I wonder if that was the most disgusting thing I have ever done.

And being the bad Catholic that I am, I go out of my way to eat meat on Good Friday.

Silly Monkey said...

The day after St. Patrick's day, the dogs were pawing at something in the grass. I looked to see what it was and freak when I saw the HUGEST bug I'd ever seen in my life. I mean, AFRICAN-sized. NUCLEAR size!

I yelled at the dogs to get away, and got the pooper scooper to scoop it up, thinking I was going to put it in a baggy and...I don't know what...take it to the local entomology center? LOL.

Then I recognized it. A crawfish! Someone must have thrown in over the fence. I don't see those things much, I guess.

So you went vegetarian all day and you're going to ruin it tonight by eating giant African bugs? :)

"Just David!" said...

go in drag and shake it up a little!!!

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

As a Jewish Unitarian, I've always had trouble with Easter. Those Christians just need to get over it, you know, and I'm talking to Mel Gibson in particular. I actually had Korean barbecue shrimp for Good Friday, so I'm not sure where that ranks in a holiday I don't really recognize.

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