Mar 4, 2008

White People

I found this website:
Stuff White People Like
a while back, and every day I learn something new. It's so fascinating. I feel like Margaret Mead in Samoa or something.

Here's a random sampling:

#11 Asian Girls
#80 The Idea of Soccer
#1 Coffee
#44 Public Radio
#61 Bicycles
#8 Barack Obama
#63 Expensive Sandwiches
#62 Knowing what's best for poor people
#70 Difficult Breakups


joe*to*hell said...

that site is so damn funny
i'm white - except for this profile photo

M- Filer said...

that's about right, except I don't particularly like barack obama. I love Whole Foods however.

JB said...

What does "The Idea of Soccer" even mean?

Miss Janey said...

That site is hilarious. But don't forget dogs. White peoples LOVES the doggehs!

Silly Monkey said...

Miss Janey, they covered dogs. You need to read (or browse) the whole blog. It's great.

Let's see...dogs, renovation, vegetarian, vintage, Whole Foods...yeah, I'm pretty white.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Great. Now I have another blog to read.

(As a Chicagoian, I wonder if it's actually whiter to prefer the White Sox to the Cubs. You know, in an anthropological, slumming kind of way.)

And I love Arrested Development.

No Milk said...

that's just completely brilliant. i wish i thought of it :)

maybe i can start a site called "stuff that gay filipino americans like". wait. nobody would read that. except maybe my grandmother. who's dead.