Mar 30, 2008

bacon and mango martinis

Friday night, to "celebrate" the end of my jury duty, Dennis and I went to the early happy hour at Phillip's Bar.
(which has a much nicer website than I imagined,btw)

Ordinarily Phillips is a Tulane hangout, decidedly preppy. On Friday nights, however, for a few hours it's a gay bar. The gays invade for a few hours, still decidedly preppy.
Come 9 pm, like Cinderella, the magic ends.
I've been there once, with him (But let's not relive that.)

While there, I had a mango martini (ok, but a bit fruity, in every way) and bacon. Instead of nuts, there was thick fried bacon on the bar, arranged like flowers in tumblers.
That, in fact, was more of a lure than the cheap drinks.

While there, across the sea of madras, I spotted the friend of a friend's friend, the (only actually) nice boy met by Michael and me on the on the night of drunken lawyers
He was wearing the exact same pink lacoste polo. Is that the only shirt he owns?
He did look awfully cute in it, however.

Is it wrong that I kind of want one (not pink however)?
When I was 13 I owned a various colors (never pink, however).

I was on the cutting edge of preppydom then. Now, not so much. Who knew I'd live long enough to see a return.
I'm not sure, but there seems to be something not quite right in wearing something one wore at 13, no matter what it is, but I do like the idea of one.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I think it's great when you can wear something you wore when you were thirteen. It just means you were so right the first time around.

Michael Guy said...

Ditto: What FP sez.

Go buy the damn pink Lacoste and get over your bad self! Might I also share that this IS THE YEAR for Lacoste? It's the company's 75th anniversary.

Andy Roddick was just at Bloomingdale's NY to sport his Lacoste-clad goodness while signing autographs. So you see, Jason, you simply must buy the shirt this year.'s not YOUR 75th year.

Michael said...

I was in an orange Lacoste and white jeans all last summer. Fuck 'em if they say I can't revisit my past. Today? I'm in "vintage" Nike Cortez. They're new, but aged, and I had the same pair in the 70s. FLOVE.

Silly Monkey said...

You'd look good in a pink polo shirt, Jason. You've got the complexion for it. Do it. Be brave.

Maybe nice boy has a dozen pink polo shirts. I have a friend who wears only one outfit (blue oxford and khakis) and owns a ton of them. Believe it or not, he's worn the same outfit for THIRTY YEARS!

We get all over him about it, but he just doesn't understand how neurotic it is. There's nothing wrong with the outfit in and of itself. It's the fact that he can't wear anything BUT that outfit.

jason said...

Well, you've all convinced me. I've just purchased a near replica of one of the ones I had when I was 13. I've ordered it online, so it's a crap shoot as to whether it will fit.

And jeez, Jason....30 years? Who is this person? What does he sleep in?

mrpeenee said...

preppy shirts are all well and good (I wear pink all the time, incidentally,) but the idea of bacon arrangements decorating the bar makes me want to swoon.

Why did I ever leave?

Angel with a crooked halo said...

Oh my root!! You are totally talking about my friend Jon! He was at Phillip's w/ my roommate Will. They came to dinner at my restaurant (Baru on Magazine- if you haven't tried it yet- you REALLY need to do so!) after getting their buzz started at happy hour!!

jason said...

Good Lord, this *is* a small town!
No kidding.
I have been once there when it was first opened...but it was so busy we left. It must be good.

thombeau said...

I can't believe people still wear those! But then, I live in a sort of bubble. If it works for you, honey, then go for it!