Mar 12, 2008

night zombies etc.

Tonight, on my way home, driving through "the devastation" at dusk, this Sufjan Stevens' song ("They Are Night Zombies! They Are Neighbors!" etc. etc. etc.) came on...somehow bizarrely perfectly in sync with the landscape, the way it sometimes happens, you know.
It was lovely.

Apparently he's never gotten around to making a video of this song, or something, because all I could find were several live performances with poor audio, and two really cheesy homemade "videos."

Here's him live (love the girls' movements):

And here's a bit of cheese. Close your eyes and ignore the video, or try to.

Now if only I had had a camera attached to the hood of my car tonight, I could have made my own.


Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I'm a little late to this one, but I'm starting to love Sufjan Stevens.

And I love videos like the second one. Just think someone sat down and made this. He or she was pleased enough with the result to put it on youtube. Who is this person?

(And although this is pretty much how I roll, I'm not sure this kind of credit works: "Photos: Google.")

jason said...

I certainly liked this homemade video better than the other one, which featured a very good beginning....but devolved into an all too literal "zombie" film, (very poorly acted). It made me laugh.
(not such a bad thing, I suppose, but still....)
My favorite homemade youtube videos are the ones that are simply a video of a stereo playing the record. Love that!