Mar 30, 2008

purely platonic friendly housewife wrestling

Here's an ad in our local craigslist's "purely platonic" section which fascinates me on so many levels. Its simplicity is its elegance.

Housewife seeks wrestling partner - mw4w - 51

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Date: 2008-03-23, 12:49PM CDT

Married 51 y/o athletic woman looking for another woman around the same age who would be interested in meeting occasionally for a friendly wrestling match.

Location: New Orleans


Elizabeth said...

OH my god!!! Craigslist published my ad all the way down there? Oooops!

"friendly wrestling match" Ha!! Do you think we could all go and watch? I'd pay. What a hoot it would be. Maybe when my Knuckle head is better I'll go on a long, relaxed car trip and take in some sights. And that would definitely be a sight!

Michael Guy said...

I'm thinking the term "carpet munching" figures into that scenario. Just saying...

Honestly think of that 'housewife' the moment the lightbulb went on: "Hey! I'll place an ad on Craigslist to find a wrestling partner!"

God bless this great nation.

ayem8y said...

I wonder if "friendly housewife wrestling" involves costumes and masked identities, like Mexican wrestling.

No Milk said...

i thought about putting up a craigslist ad to find some guitar players to jam with, but i thought i might get weirdos.

thombeau said...