Jan 27, 2008

a random intersection of recent posts

Today, I went on yet another one of my interminable dates with my lonesome. I saw "Atonement" for real this time. (in short, beautiful, and pretty good)

Driving into the parking lot, looking for a spot to park, I catch sight of a tall, cute kid. "What an interesting haircut that kid's got," I admire. "If I were as tall and thin as he is, I'd like that jacket too." The older guy next to him offers him a light and turns around.

And I see that it's none other than this guy, the one...well, one of them....who told me I was too old for him...ten or so years ago.

I waited a few minutes until they were safely in, bought myself a ticket, got a (real, not diet, dammit) coke...(albeit a medium) and went in.


Jason said...

just clicked through from Elizabeth's blog...had a nice time reading. I saw Grey Gardens about a year ago. I really enjoyed that documentary. Take care.

jason said...

Welcome jason!
Any fan of GG is a friend of mine...except maybe Drew Barrymore...(oh, well, ok her too:)

Elizabeth said...

Jason talking to Jason....I feel like I've stumbled into an episode of The Patty Duke Show!

Man, that sucks. I'm so glad I moved far far away from all my exes and humiliating rejections. I guess you can't just up an move, though, can you? Silly little things like job and family.... (I do know a guy in DC who's looking for a boyfriend.... Just sayin'.)

Hayward said...

Better to have gone on one date with a person and discover right away that things would not work out rather than develop a relationship and later get dumped. That sort of thing can make one bitter. He'll likely be chasing youth his entire life. Maybe even looking like Joan Rivers some day selling fake jewelry and sentiment. I think your brilliant. Take someone to the movies with you next time. Maybe even someone you recently met. Not as a date so there are no expectations. Just for fun.

No Milk said...

people say things all the time about things that they don't mean. it's a way to buy themselves an 'out'.

i haven't seen atonement yet, since i plan to read the book first. thanks for the recommendation, however.

Silly Monkey said...

Oh, no, not another Jason. This is getting confusing. I had a hard enough time telling you and me apart. ;)

Michael said...

Atonement! Just OK, then?

Of course, I would have loved it just for Kiera's gorgeous emerald gown and jewel-encrusted bracelet.

thombeau said...

Life is so totally like that.

mrpeenee said...

Why didn't you just run him down? It's practically Mardi Gras, as long as you're not blocking a parade, nobody's going to notice.

jason said...

thanks Elizabeth, maybe that's what I ought to do...move.
DC eh? Hmmmm...I like DC
Actually, my friend Vincent just moved up there...maybe your friend and he...?...ah well... :)

Peenee, I think I will take your advice. Next time I'm running him down. The cute boyfriend however, I'll might spare. I liked his jacket.

Michael, I *did* like "Atonement"...don't get me wrong....and in fact went primarily because of *you* by the way. That bracelet was the hook for me.

Thom....to paraphrase Pink, yes, "sometime it just be like that," yes. You're right.

No Milk. I'm actually prompted to read the book now after the movie.

And thank you, Hayward, you are very kind. Truly.
And I'm sure you're right too.

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

I still haven't seen Atonement. Maybe I will tomorrow.

Anyway, I really like your review ("beautiful, and pretty good.")