Jan 6, 2008

the little green moon

One of the joys lately of coming home has been seeing the newly re-lit weather ball on the dilapidated, ghostly old Falstaff brewery building. At night it looks like a small green moon on the horizon.

Here are some other nice photos of the brewery I found browsing online. I love the one of King Gambrinus looking over the city. The other is of the former beer garden, on the roof.

Found from Skyscraperpage


Michael Guy said...

It occurs to me that I've never visited New Orleans. I need to correct this fact.

I see myself on a train to the Big Easy, though.

Dave said...

I'd heard a long time ago that they were going to renovate that place and turn it into condos. I'm glad they're finally making some progress.

jason said...

You should. Even if we are still not at our best.

There is a train from Chicago I know...I see it all the time.

In fact, while tentatively investigating a possible train trip to SF a while, it seemed that one would be forced to go to Chicago first pretty much no matter where one wanted to go from here.

mrpeenee said...

I'm so glad to hear about the Falstaff ball. I remember people talking about its past glories. I think at one point it would act as a barometer, sort of. The ball would change colors to indicate pending changes in the weather.

Stuart said...

I'm so glad to hear that. I used to drive by everyday and look at that building... It seemed creepy and facinating at the same time. I would totally live there! Of course, I thought the same thing of the American Can Co building, but the redo was a bit too sleek for Mid-City, IMHO.