Jan 19, 2008

27 Cliches

Today, in a pique of boredom, I took myself to another movie (one day I'll put out, right?)
Actually, maybe it's time to slip a ruffie in my drink.

I paid for a ticket to "Atonement," but decided at the very last minute to see "27 Dresses."
I figured I have enough wet drizzly melodrama in my life already, right?

No, I figured I'd see the chick flick...well, the other chick flick.

Somehow I keep hoping to replicate the serendipitous chick flick magic of "Under the Tuscan Sun," a movie I happened to enjoy and roll my eyes at simultaneously.
It's never happened since

So it was just me and an audience of big girls (natch) on a rainy cold Saturday morning.

I ended up getting a coughing fit, so I left a bit early, but I'm sure I can figure out the end. I mean it's the most formulaic chick flick I've seen in a long while, and that's saying something. It's so contrived it's almost hilarious.
Yes, it was bad.
I knew it would be. I just wanted a few hours out of the cold watching scenes of NYC and pretty people who have "love" problems. Is that so wrong?
(don't answer)

Anyway, I kept thinking why is Katherine Heigl doing this to herself? She seems intent on sabotaging her career. And poor James Marsden. I think I like him.

Why's he in this crap? They both work really hard to make it adequate, but never quite do.
So there's my unsolicited review in a nutshell.


Elizabeth said...

Bummer. In the crappy middle of winter you really need a good frothy milkshake of a chick flick. Tuscan Sun was perfect, wasn't it? Entirely escapist without being entirely idiotic.

Go see Junebug, if you haven't already. Really good.

dbv said...

thanks for the review, you just saved me $9... i've often thought of slipping myself a roofie but the right hand and i are really quite happy with our uncomplicated relationship...

Michael said...

Just the mention of "Atonement" has me swooning again. Not the movie you were looking for, but WHAT A MOVIE. So romantic, so GORGEOUS to look at. I'd sell my soul for the jeweled cuff that Keira Knightley wears with the emerald gown. Never mind that I don't have a thing to go with it.

mrpeenee said...

I'm thinking this sounds so much like a movie to catch on a plane, when I can watch it without the headphones, so I can just admire Marsden's cheekbones without being annoyed by the dialogue and plot and all that other extraneous stuff,

jason said...

You're welcome David...I consider it a public service

And Junebug...ah, I missed that one, and always did want to see it. I think it was in the theater here for like a nanosecond.

Ok, michael, you've convinced me to see Atonement. I guess wet drizzly melodrama in period costumes is better than any wet drizzly melodrama I can pull off.

And peenee....you're quite right. Mute.

Elizabeth said...

I meant Juno. Silly me. Juno. It's great, go see it.

thombeau said...

"Juno" really is fantastic!

Frontier Psychiatrist said...

Why is it that no matter how many times I read bad reviews of this movie, I still want to see it?

Maybe I'll see something else first and then movie-hop.