Jan 6, 2008

just a few of the phrases that have wormed their way into my head this year:

"I know it's rough, but show some class." April Ames, by way of

"If you crossed the overwrought Mediterranean of the late 60’s with the funeral parlor stylin that competed with Art Deco in the 30s, you’d get this. It’s what Carmela Soprano would get wet for in decorating. It’s the complement to all those Tuscan villa Mcmansions squatting in the suburbs."
MrPeenee, by way of MrPeenee

"Notice the Slit" Brenda Dickson, by way of Pen15

"'Ooh girl, do you know who Vera Wang is?'
'No...Do she do nails...I need a fill.'"
by Ayem8y by way of Mean Dirty Pirate.

"We are both doing real well. Derek is still assistant team leader in the junior’s department at Bon-Ton." by Michael, by way of Temporary Trouble Spots

"Brituation" by Joe, by way of "Joe to hell

"....and then I thought of him again just now when I went to pee and the tip of my dick was stuck to my underpants. At first I was like, "What the?" and then I was all, "Oh, yeah! Hot guy from this morning."
Happy New Year!" by Michael, by way of Pipedreams


mrpeenee said...

How flattering, thanks. And I've taken April Ames as my new role model.

joe*to*hell said...

i knew brituation was gonna catch on

oh, and i too say "notice the slit"...not the same context tho

Elizabeth said...

What a great list of 2007 highlights. Love "Brituation!"

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I like "Notice the slip" as an alternate to the usual "Mind the gap" on doors of public transit vehicles.

Michael said...

I think I can speak for the sticky tip of my dick, too, when I say, "We're honored."