Jan 18, 2008

our daddy of univision

Today at lunch, at a Mexican restaurant in the suburbs, a real one, where none of the waitstaff actually speaks English, and you can see the cans of lard in the kitchen, I found a Spanish language magazine on the holy card dispenser.

It's right next to the gum machine and exactly the same, except that for fifty cents you might, if you're lucky, get an iridescent Virgen de Guadalupe card.

I have quite a collection, I'm proud to say.
But I digress...

Anyway, on the magazine cover is a photo of a long standing, almost forgotten crush of mine.

I mean I had a crush on Jorge Ramos when Reagan was in office, ferchristsakes! (or whatever the Spanish equivalent of that is)

Back then I would watch Univision news, blissfully ignorant of whatever he was talking about. Does it really matter?

He's 54 now, and god-damned if he's not even better looking now.
As far as I'm concerned he's what that milquetoast Anderson Cooper could never hope to be.


Elizabeth said...

He's gorgeous, and boy does he know how to highlight those amazing baby blues.

Michael Guy said...

Mi papi!

Hey. I want an iridescent Virgin de Guadalupe card. Sounds right up my alley.

He's hawt.

Silly Monkey said...

We usually don't have the same taste, but I'd have to agree with you here.

mrpeenee said...

I'd take him lightbulbs and cookies any day.

dbv said...

i wouldn't throw him out of bed, well, unless he wanted to do it on the floor!!!

Ladron de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

Yes, better than Anderson, I'd say, but I have a thing for Vanderbilts.

Seeing lard at a restaurant is always a good sign.