Jul 31, 2015

Ain't nothing going on but the rent

Did I ever mention seeing Jessica Lange at the grocery store?  Well, it was a while back, and it was completely uneventful.
I guess that's the point.  It's no big deal any more.
The point is these Hollywood types (and such) are driving up my rent.

Thankfully, my landlord allowed me to renew my lease a while back.
 I begged and crawled, but I'm a very good tenant.

My rent has gone up however, a good bit.
My salary has not.
My last "raise" was a gift card for a free meal at Popeyes stapled to my contract.
But I'm not complaining. That's more than I've seen in the past five years.
woo hoo!

Popeyes Chicken Ad for popeye's chicken


When I went down to my landlord's plantation mansion to re-sign the lease,
I met the guy who now lives below me.

He was paying a full year's rent in one fell swoop.
Who has that kind of money???
Oh, wait, lots of people.

 He works in the film industry, it seems....wafted in from Hollywood.

It's all good for the city, of course.  It's not the city it was ten years ago, and for that I am grateful,
but, sheesh, I'm just trying to not be driven back into the suburbs by all this gentrification.

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Jon said...

The curse of gentrification! When we first came to our North London neighbourhood nearly fourteen years ago, it was pretty much a neglected strip of kebab shops and mop'n'bucket emporia, with the 24-hour vibe of dodgy all-night "fruit and veg" stores and brothels. All those outlets (with the exception of the brothels, which unsurprisingly have been raided, although the "girls" are still lurking at weekends) are still in evidence now, of course - along with eighteen hairdresser/barber shops. But the place has been tarted-up and "discovered", more's the pity, by the type of middle-class families with all the pretensions (but priced out of actually living there) of "oh-so-trendy" neighbourhoods such as Camden, Shoreditch or Islington... As a consequence, after a couple of relocations in the area, our rent is now double what we paid when we lived in our first flat. Our income is not. Whether London or New Orleans, it's all going to be unattainable before long. Jx

jason said...

As goes London, goes the world, I guess.
I can only imagine the prices there. Yikes.

I don't even live in a hip part of town.
I mean there aren't even any prostitutes around here to drive out.
Well, until I start hooking that is.

normadesmond said...

everything is so expensive, rent included. when i walk out of the market or costco or ANYPLACE i am astounded
at what i've just spent. on the other hand, i adore fried chicken and would have no problem eating it every night.

mrpeenee said...

Oh, honey, I am so sorry.