Jul 9, 2015

recent random randomness...

The past few days I've been blessed by being able to visit with friends.

I tried for like a whole minute to figure a clever way to organize these photos into a cohesive narrative with a message and a theme, but...um.... I'm just too lazy.


Instead, here's a photo dump of badly taken cell phone photos.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to spend the 4th with the ever-charming Mr. Peenee and the completely wonderful Diane. Delightful!

First up are these books found by kismet on Independence Night. They were nestled in a pile of  strays left on some poor soul's stoop (no doubt being evicted for inability to pay her rent)  Finally... at last.... I'll now know what to do with my life.
At Goodwill, Diane's legendary thrift store mojo led me to this.  Some sort of handmade snow dowager.  Is there anything sadder than a widowed snow-woman?

Aaaand, why yes, apparently there is something sadder.

Yesterday, one of my best friends, Michael, unexpectedly came into town.  Naturally, we went record shopping. He bought some.  I did not. Frankly, I don't have the energy to be dropping needles on records.  It's all too exhausting.  I did, however, snap a few pictures.

I found these two in the "beautiful manly hair sings" section.  
Speaking of " beautiful manly hair sings"

Afterward,  we had a drink at the newly renovated St. Roch Market, which seems to have been turned into a very yuppie food court, but that's not necessarily a criticism. 
I had something called the "Mary Pickford".  Because, I mean, of course I did.  Michael had the manlier (ha!) drink (some sort of mongrel margarita with black pepper and salt around the rim)

We took a walk to the newly opened Crescent Park, which seemed like less a "park" than a really nice open air space.  This is a view from the walkway to it

And here's a view of the city from the "park"


Raina Cox said...

You find the absolute best stuff.

mrpeenee said...

I think that park actually looks like an oversized jogging path, but I've never seen it looking lovelier than your photos. Nor Jeff Chandler for that matter.

mistress maddie said...

I can just imagine you and Peenee together taking the city! I can still smell the trouble left behind. And there is nothing wrong with a good photo dump. I always enjoy your photos.

Diane said...

"Handmade snow dowager"!!! *Now* it's clear at last! And lovely to spend time with you, dear!

normadesmond said...

if mrs. richey turned the right way on thursday nights,
she could get radio free europe with that headset.

Andrea said...

I adore your cell photography and most of all the accompanying commentary ;) My mind is blown by the St.Roch market! I lived right across the street pre-Katrina. What a staggering comparison.

The Mistress said...

I've had many an organ fantasy in my time.

The mind boggles, imagining you and Peenee together on the town.

Jon said...

I sincerely hope the rest of your boudoir is also in the Disney Princess range. Jx