Aug 2, 2015

Eight easy steps to losing weight and getting free food

 Brought to you by today's lunch:

1. Order something light, like grilled chicken sandwich
2. Split it with your dining companion.
3. Get distracted from eating by the hot guy across the bar, in the too tight shirt.
4. Remove any cheese or bacon or mayonnaise (from sandwich, not guy)
5. Find a hair on bun, (on sandwich, not guy), a short and red hair
6. Put sandwich down.
7. Stop eating completely as lady in Lexus crashes into dining room because she overshot the parking lot.
8. Get meal free!  (No, I won't be needing a to go box, thanks)


mrpeenee said...

The Lexus lady must have been distracted by the tight shirt, too. You should have spoken firmly to him.

normadesmond said...

so she's a nutritionist now?

Raina Cox said...

Damn gingers ruin everything.

Jon said...

Maybe the woman in the Lexus had a ginger pube in hers, and was refused a refund? Jx

mistress maddie said...

Never a dull moment around there is it?