Jul 20, 2015

"Book Club" or "On checking Grindr in the convent bathroom"

A few months ago, at a repast, a friend of my ex's talked me into her little book club.
She's a social sort, a genteel southern lady.

The books sounded interesting, and I'm always seeking to meet new people, trying to be less of a homebody.
Can't say I don't try.
And she does know a lot of people.

Oh, and there was that time or two she'd shown up with one of her friends, you know, the young gentleman below.

 I mean, I might have remembered that too, I'm not sure.

Alas, nothing like that showed up at the convent for the book club.
Not at all.

Just a gathering of older, erudite ladies....and me.
We met at a convent.
Because, of course we did. Where else would we meet?

After a bit of conversation and snacks, the ladies and I dispersed.

Before leaving, I availed myself of the bathroom, washed my hands and absent mindedly checked Grindr before leaving.
I mean it can't hurt to check, right?
(for which I was both disappointed and relieved)


mistress maddie said...

Well, you know us singles have to stick together. Thank you for telling me about the convent, I will cross that off the list. I do love your sense of humor. And had that actual guy showed up???????

normadesmond said...

mixing metaphors?

Jon said...

I am somewhat disappointed none of the nuns turned up on Grindr. Jx

jason said...

I'm guessing they're all on Scruff.

normadesmond said...

thank "god" you threw that idiot out!

Hot guys pics said...

Rock hard abs, tho!! :)