Jan 25, 2015

"Simply Elegant"

Today, while wandering aimlessly in the library on a lovely afternoon, I came across a little tome that hadn't been checked out since Nixon was in the White House.

"Simply Elegant" by one "Pearl Gordon" How could I not be sucked in by such a seductive cover?

And of course  a busy career woman bachelor, the Milwaukee Sentinel's review caught my eye.
 Pearl's timely reminder: "Times have changed, and we no longer have maids or just the housewife cooking."
You got that right, Pearl.
Flipping the pages, I happened upon Pearl's elegant recipe for Gefilte Fish and Tuna Fish Salad
And, if that's not elegant enough for you, here's Pearl's recipe for Lobster Thermidor ("Thermidor" is French for "Single Career Gal" in case you didn't know)
The forward written from the Kansas First Lady Mrs. Robert B. Docking, a close personal friend of Pearl's
(not to name drop or anything)
And if this here ain't elegant enough for you, I don't know what is, baby.


Jon said...

A must for every home. Alongside "Arlene Dahl's Key to Femininity" and "Marlene Dietrich's ABC", of course... Jx

savannah said...

LOL i have no words! really, i can't speak, i've lost my voice!! ;) xoxoxxo

normadesmond said...

a signed copy(!) of this invaluable tome was recently available via eBay.

Muscato said...

Well, what thoughtful would-be entertainer wouldn't leap at the chance to learn, as it were, at the knee of one at the knee of the First Lady of Kansas?

Mrs. Docking, however, I must admit, looks as if she's been styled by someone who once saw Marlene Dietrich from a great distance. Which I suppose, given the kinds of hairburners one was likely to run into in Kansas in the mid-'60s, isn't all that unlikely...

Raina Cox said...

That Docking woman's tight smile holds a lifetime of secrets.

Andrea said...

Positively Dazzled

Diane said...

I *adore* these sort of books; vintage cookbooks as well. They provide endless amusement and, amazingly, an occasional decent tip.