Jan 30, 2015


The other day wandering aimlessly around Tumblr, dutifully curating pics of kittens and porn, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of the gorgeous Mr. Ed Fury.

Two long seconds of googling research later, I discovered that he is, indeed, still with us (86!)
and that at least at age 70 he was still sexier than most of us will ever be.
Damn him!

But then I have always had a thing for a man in a cable knit sweater....and zebra print posing straps.

(You just know he had one on under those jeans, right?)


normadesmond said...

sometimes i despise people who look fabulous at 70.

shoot me.

ayeM8y said...

You know how I like my old men! I think Mr. Fury started the whole thing.

designing wally said...

And he looks to be a nice guy too..
I Hate Him.

Raina Cox said...

He should be the Dos Equis dude. His fake accent is probably better.