Jul 19, 2013

Important Information for a Better Life

fig. 1

fig. 3

fig. 4

fig. 5.
fig. 6.

fig. 7.
fig. 8.


normadesmond said...

i'd received this handbook back when the hospital gave me my birth certificate, but my mother foolishly left it in the hospital bassinet when she took me home.

it explains how my life went awry.

Jon said...

All lifestyle tips gratefully received... Jx

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Menstrating women? Icky!

Kim Hambric said...

Bea Arthur would have to do a Figure 6 on me to get me to eat her cooking.

MJ said...

*notes stainage on bandana colour chart*

Ur-spo said...

life is so much better already, indeed.

Gary Marshall said...

Can't talk, I gotta get to the grocery store and the bandana shop before they close.