Jul 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day, y'all!

Because it's a NIHG tradition....and because it
requires repeated viewing if,you know, maybe, want to, like, recreate it in your bedroom 
to appreciate it fully.


KEVolution! said...

before my time, but so perfect!

wink wink!

mrpeenee said...

It always sounds like A-M is just making up the lyrics as she goes along.

Beads, beads, beads.

I know what's hip.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Sounds like musicians are making it up as they go along with Ann.

But I love this.

Growing up in Cleveland in this era, I went to school with the an of the woman who owned the bottling rights for Ohio for Canada Dry. I am ashamed to say that the Millers were not at all like Ann and her groo- oo-vey vibe.

MJ said...

That's EXACTLY how I celebrated Canada Day.

normadesmond said...

paula deen's getting canned
for her faux pas and canada
dry survived this?

Jon DeepBlue said...


Did they think they could beat Caca Cola with Ann?