Jul 27, 2013

Hair Show (part deux)

Again,  to improve my job at the salon, I've been dutifully working on my craft.
My casting couch styling chair's never been busier.
But who's pretty enough for the much coveted title of " Mr. July Hair, 2013"?
Who should it be?

Here's page two of my portfolio
a. Rolph, rocking "The Quiffster"
b.Trevor, sporting "(Push Push in) the Bush"
c. Kenny with "The Kenny G."

d. Jean Phillippe in "The Aquanet/Deskfan"

e. Sven in "The Breck Girl"

f. John Thomas sporting "The Matron of Honor"
g. Timmy in "The Bang/ Flip"


Muscato said...

I think I'm a Timmy fan - it's like a boy version of the Callista Gingrich helmet.

WARNING: Do not try to imagine Callista Gingrich in this pose. That way madness lies. Just ask Newt.

normadesmond said...

i'll take kenny for the win.

MJ said...

Do we get to bang Bang/Flip boy?

jason said...

Just as long as you don't mess up his hair.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

As Timmy's already been taken (in more ways than one, by the sound of things here), I'm going for Rolph. Look at that slightly narrowed left (his) eye and is that a faint pull in the corner of his mouth? He's smirking! He knows something the others don't, which means he's the one for me.

(I would have gone for the young Brad Pitt look-a-like, Sven, but I just don't have any Timotei in the house!)

mrpeenee said...

Sign me up as another little Timmy fan.

Ur-spo said...

dear me!
I wish I had hair; so I can't comment !

Rhiannon said...

Timmy looks like he's trying to pay his way through dental school with modeling at the Island of Misfit Toys Art Academy. I'll take Trevor and then let him return the favor.

ilduce said...

I'm with Norma on this one. Kenny has enough "personality" to carry of the Kenny G rather nicely.

Have him bathed and brought to my tent.

Raina Cox said...

Holy Hell, I'm laughing so hard. You're amazing and why the internet was invented.