Feb 15, 2013

"til Saturday-ay-ay..."

I first realized the existence of Norma Jean Wright's post-Chic solo work by way of TJB's wonderful much missed blog (where oh where is TJB, I wonder? Spreading his great good taste and style to the world, I hope. Ahem).

Anyway, Ms. Wright's finest work (I think) is this track.  It's on near constant rotation in my car...whether it be Saturday night or Wednesday morning.  It always cheers me up.

Like she says,  "If you left it up to me, every day would be Saturday."

Profound it ain't.
But, I mean, really, who wants profundity in disco?

What I want is extended super-smooth vibraphone...driving me into a vibraphone frenzy, baby!
(And lots of it.)


Jon said...

I adore that song, and, shamefully I had never made the connection that Norma Jean was in fact the lead singer of Chic. The only version that had success over here was an inferior cover by a combo calling themselves "100% feat. Jennifer John"... Jx

normadesmond said...

nice. of course, when i hear stuff
like this, i just feel older and older.

and yes, tjb...one hopes he's choosing
wallpaper for the greenwich house.

mrpeenee said...

I was preparing to play the clip when my ITunes shuffle offered up Aretha Franklin singing "Don't Play That Song." What could I do? Aretha specifically told me not to. I can recognize voodoo when I hear it.

Oh, TJB. Ah me.