Feb 6, 2013

Eight things

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

 Fig. 3

 Fig. 4


Fig. 5

 Fig 6

Fig 8

(scarier than cancer?)


Raina Cox said...

#4 Golliwogs! That could be any present day New Zealand family. Seriously.

normadesmond said...

is fig.8 lynn redgrave right
before the end?

Margaret said...

Baby Michael is seriously mesmerizing.

My advice for anyone: get a colonoscopy if you're eligible (I did and it helped to save my life). At least do one of those virtual body scans if you cannot get a colonoscopy for various reasons (i.e., age, money). Cancer cells cannot live when oxygen is permeating the cells. Taking COQ10 is one way to help kill it, along with Vitamin C, fiber, and yes, doing exercise.

Each one of us is fighting cancer cells everyday. Some of us better than others.

We do what we can, and learning not to shove sugar down our throats is a hard lesson to learn, but it is necessary in order to keep down inflammation, a major cause of cancer. And not eating red meat (causes polyps).

That will be $200 please.

jason said...

thank you for that, Margaret. Seriously.

Nay said...

Margaret you are inspiring! As for the 8 things... yikes!

Margaret said...

I've never been more serious, guys. Best thing I did for my health, and had no symptoms. Caught pre-cancerous growths before they were serious (gross, I know).

Will never eat red meat again because it does not digest well, and sits at the end of the colon, and that is bad. Food that sits at the bottom of the colon, like red meat which is not fully digested, is one of the causes of the type of cancer, rectal, that took Farrah's life. And, don't do colonics because it really isn't helpful, or cleansing, as people think. Eat fiber (Kale is very high in fiber).

BTW, Farrah chose alternate methods rather than surgery. Let me tell you...I'd rather have my colon shortened than my life. as much as I am a staunch believer in holistic health, I would try Western medicine to stay alive.

Best thing to do for yourself, starting today, is to eat cleaner by cutting out sugary foods first. Cancer cells feast on sugar. Cancer cells, like parasites, fuel off sugar, and you're heightening your chances of cancer cells significantly by taking in sugary foods. And by eating well you can be strong for whatever is coming at you. Stay alkaline, not acidic.

Now resuming my normal snark...

Joseph the Butler said...

that's only 7. Or am I missing something? Well, yes, I am missing something, no 7.

mistress maddie said...

Why is Mistress Mj being tied down by a bunch of trolls?