Feb 19, 2013

From the 2013 NIHG Wishbook (Homegoods section)

Glassware with that touch of "class"

For all your kickass cupcake needs
Needlepoint pillows (a la Adler)

                                                                  For the cat lover in you
 For the orgy lover in you
The vagina sectional (cupholder sold separately)

The edible daybed


normadesmond said...

cahn't i put my cup in one of the cunts?

Raina Cox said...

You know I love this post more than words can say.

ilduce said...

Aren't those the types of glasses where the clothes disappear once they are filled with cold liquid, the kind they used to offer in the Spencer gift catalog?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Be careful what part of hat day bed cake you eat. You don't want the fart filter section

mrpeenee said...

Wrap 'em up, I'll take one of each, please.

Ashleigh Lurvey said...

I HAVE to have those cups!! Any idea where I can get them?