Feb 1, 2013


This past week has been, well, kind of hellish....for several reasons.

Two of more minor ones are thus:
One: I'm sick.
Two: Traffic.
It's has been ridiculous as we here in the city prepare for You-Know-What on Sunday.
Oh, and it's Carnival.

Just getting to the market to get some dinner and home cost me like an hour stuck in traffic.

Anywho...in honor of the impending Beyoncebowl, here's one of Destiny's Child's legendary classics, redone into something actually listenable and soothing:

who knows, maybe she'll even "sing" this one.

via wow


mrpeenee said...

The San Francisco's front page lead story yesterday was something like "Is This Too Much Party for New Orleans?"

Princess said...

Hey! That's filmed in my home state of Victoria in OZ.
Enjoy the party if you can....

normadesmond said...

i liked this...and you know how fussy i am.

ayeM8y said...

You could always take a fabulous VACATION to Grey Gardens.

Nay said...

Yikes! I can only imagine the crowds. Hang in there! Try and have some fun! I'd would love to be in the middle of it with ya :)

Ur-spo said...

sick - no fun in that
Superbowl - phooey

Margaret said...

Obviously the person who wrote that SF headline never visited Nola, nor is well-versed with the unprecedented party DNA of its population.

Feel better, Jason. All the doubloons spent last week are going directly to your classrooms.