Feb 9, 2013


Since I was effectively trapped in all day due to the massive block party/ mega parade that rolls near my house, I decided to make the best of it and walk around.
If you can't fight 'em, join 'em, right?
The festivities are still going on, as I can hear from my bedroom window.

The neutral ground of Orleans near where the parade assembles is staked out for days ahead of time.  Note the extra classy outdoor sofas.

New Orleans still life: Stray boa feather on the Mausoleum gates

The Frito Lay stage on the neutral ground before it got crowded. Nothing says white trash like Frito Lay.

I stopped off at the Jewish cemetery on the way to the crawfish boil

obligatory float pictures

Still can't figure out the theme. Some sort of potpourri of left overs it seems.

this phoenix float was beautiful however.


normadesmond said...

if neptune wasn't on noah's ark, he shoulda been.

mrpeenee said...

The "potpourri of left overs" parades are my favorites. The first float rolls by and announces the theme is "Adam and Eve's Paradise" and then two floats later comes "The Sound of Music" followed by "Water as the Source of Life." Love it.

designing wally said...

Some nice things to look at though...