Feb 26, 2011

thought for the day


normadesmond said...

is that crawford's mamacita taking a smoke break?

Margaret said...

1. Formaldahyde drapes.
2. Plastic slipcovers.
3. Synthetic Dress.
4. Leather shoes and purse.
5. Laminate coffee table.
6. Nylon carpet.
7. Nicotine smoke.
8. Rubber and nylon undergarments.
9. Hairspray Fluorocarbons.
10. The drapes are a tad bit busy.

MJ said...

I hope she uses that ashtray.

designing wally said...

I'm with the couch....
That's the kind of gal I need to be protected from.
(she may have a spastic colon...)

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

She must be special. Evidently her hostess cared enough to remove the furniture throw that protected the plastic that protects the diamond-stitched chintz slip covers that protects the expensive brocade upholserty.

How do I know? 1960s Jewish children know these things.

David Toms said...

i know just how she feels! Smoking in a Chanel knock off on a plastic covered sofa gets me down all the time

Ur-spo said...

I love the notion of wrapped furniture.

Dean Grey said...

Just imagine how CLEAN that couch is underneath that protective plastic!