Feb 20, 2011

krewe de blur

Last night was the first parade of the season, the usually witty and always scatological Krewe de Vieux.
No matter what the theme is, they seem to manage to have penises and Styrofoam sperm out in force.
Recycling, I guess.
They were a bit heavy on the Sarah Palin stuff.
Old news, people, old news.

(Though the Sarah Palin as an iditarod musher, whipping a husky who was shitting out dollar bills, was almost funny. Almost)

But anyway.
I vainly brought my little 99 dollar camera out there hoping to take photos.
Nothing came out, of course. Silly me.
Not the horde of Black Swans (I'm already bored of that, thanks), or the nearly naked young girl in a black latex SM mask with bunny ears and electrical taped nipples (not bored of that...yet).

Even the ones I took in daylight were out of focus. Sorry. I really am the world's worst photographer, I think. Still, some of the bad photos I still kind of liked.


MJ said...

Your camera is high on acid.

Blanche Sterling said...

Darling, Your photos are an abstract tour de force! Bravo! I love them.

Fondly, Blanche Sterling

Jill said...

Perfectly depicts Mardi Gras...for me at least. After many sazeracs.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Congraulations on capturing crewe parades as I remember them - so drunk off my ass that everything was a blur...

David Toms said...

Pretty colours, moving lights! I am in heaven.They are quite good

ricola said...

I like your blurry pictures. :)

Dean Grey said...


Blurry but so colorful and cool looking!