Feb 11, 2011

Ten things I'm wondering right now

1. Why "Tonya Harding" is a top "trending now" topic according to Yahoo.
In February.
Of 2011.

2. Why did I buy six pink valentine cupcakes for myself?

3. Why every time the administration fucks up, we're called in to be given a stern lecturing to. It's kind of like a parent gambling all of his daughter's savings away only to tell her:
"Now listen here, Sally, you just have to be more responsible with your money or else!"

4. How the black dress shoes I bought to replace the last pair, which were too unfashionable to wear anymore, have already gone out of style, without my having ever worn them.

5. Why people answer the phone when they clearly don't have time to talk.

6. Why the one bathroom, one, at work either has a working toilet or is unlocked, but never at the same time.

7. How to get that half a bottle of spilled cumin that fell behind the stove, so the kitchen doesn't smell like a cheap Indian buffet anymore.

8. Why that nice lady crack whore on Tulane last night was wearing black crocs and a blonde weave. All that plastic, but none of it where it could have helped.

9. Where those six valentines day cupcakes went.

10. Who keeps visiting here from:
"Holy See (Vatican City State) arrived from waynes-nude-musicians.blogspot.com on "night is half gone...".


Ur-spo said...

1. really? probably she is doing this herself.

2. You certainly should - why did you stop at 6?

3. This is called Projection.

4. Last season's Pradas?

5. out of habit, bad one it is.

6. to annoy and make things generally irritating.

7. add curry

8. at least she has fashion sense.

9. stolen ! get some more !

10. Oh those cardinals, always wanting to play games.

normadesmond said...

i'm surprised you found the time to post this, what with all the wondering you should be doing.

wv: topicals....i suppose they are.

Stephen said...

1. Tonya lives here in Portland, & her Yahoo trend comes from a press release having to do with stalking me.
2.You are your own best friend.
3."I Can't Have Anthing Nice because of you kids!"
4.Don't worry. with fashion, it all comes around again, or continue to be the footwear maverick that you always have been.
5.Some people are just wedded to their phones.
6.That is called- "Stephen's Law"
7.Allow an Indian family to live in your kitchen.
8.beauty is in the eye of the whore
9.Cupcake Fairies
10.Some guy named Ratzinger has a thing for you.

tb said...

Good Lord, man, I'm too baffled by my own wonderings to deal with yours. Why is that computer thing called a mouse and why with age the hair is falling off my legs and growing in ears-important stuff.