Nov 18, 2010

curbed appeal

Because I'm too lazy to even change the channel, whenever it's on, it's on HGTV.
I can't bear to watch the constant marathon of Househunters (a.k.a. "Rich People Bitching about Stainless Steel") but I do find myself drawn to Curb Appeal, in its newest incarnation.

Of course, that's mainly because of the host.

à la wikipedia:

"John Gidding is an American/Turkish architect, television actor and former fashion model.
Gidding was born in Istanbul, Turkey to an American father and a Turkish mother, where he lived until moving to the United States for college after attending Leysin American School in Leysin, Switzerland. He graduated from Yale University in 1999 with a BA in architecture, then the Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Masters in architecture"


Typing in his name at google, automatically, without prompting the following search topics pop up:
John Gidding Boyfriend
John Gidding Shirtless
John Gidding Married

Um. Seems I'm not alone.
Oh, but those poor dear girls out there typing in "married". I can't say I blame them, however. He's exactly the kind of dreamy gay boy I'd be crushing on if I were a straight gal too. Hell, who am I kidding.

Seems at least one poor hopeless gal (, not me) took the time to ask the ridiculous question:
Is John Giddings Gay? at
I won't even insult you with the answer.

Supposedly this is his boyfriend

On one of the most recent episodes of Curb Appeal, the homeowners surprised him with a romance cover he'd posed for.
He seemed genuinely abashed, which is only more cute.


MJ said...

So you're giddy over Gidding?

wv: hunkpe

Margaret said...

So, he doesn't trim bushes?

David Toms said...

Same reason I started watching as well. The thought of him with a power drill leaves me faint

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

I have been to some parties with both and did some freelance with Chris. (Chris is a sweetie and adorable.) I hear Chris is in LA...I don't know if they are still together....

savannah said...

I.LOVE.HIM. he's just so damn cute! xoxoxo

Arthur in the Garden! said...

He is so cute!!