Nov 20, 2010

lunch in the time of cholera

Thank goodness for facebook, otherwise I'd have cholera.
(or something)

So there's a "boil order" for the city today...again.
It's not the first time. Something about the power being off at the sewerage and water board or some such. Who knows.

All I know is that if we want to drink or brush our teeth, we need to bring it to a "roiling boil" for a full minute first, or risk disease.

The restaurant at which we (for my friend Carlos's birthday) ate for lunch, insisted that the iced tea had been made with "bottled water."
Tonight a friend of mine and I ventured out to one restaurant, only to find it closed. A sign in the window let us know the closure was due to this whole contaminated water stuff.
The restaurant we ended up at was open, and had a hand lettered sign insisting that their ice was "potable."

Of course I only found all of this out (after I'd brushed my teeth and taken a bath this morning, of course) by way multiple facebook postings. Seems the ban is still in effect until "further notice." How many days will this go on?

I swear, sometimes I think we're just one steel drum away from total Banana Republicanism around here. Maybe not even.


MJ said...

I'll take Potent Potables for $800, Alex!

Dave said...

I had lunch yesterday at the Praline Connection (out of town guest) and one of my co-lunchers started grilling the waitress about whether the ice was safe. She really, truly could not possibly have given less of a shit if she tried. New Orleans really IS the city that care forgot!

ricola said...

apparently my New Orleans housemate was drinking the water oblivious to everything all day yesterday. We are still waiting to hear from him.

Jill said...

A "roiling boil" sounds like fun.

ayeM8y said...

It was nice knowing you...

mrpeenee said...

Isn't that what beer's for?