Oct 22, 2010

more stuff I need right now

a new mattress pad

A better cell phone

A snack.

Nicer curtains

A pencil sharpener

A bag
More bookshelves



Kim Hambric said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

Be prepared for some manscaping if you opt for a cell phone upgrade.

ricola said...

Pick me up one of those cell phones as well.

hayward said...

All that bed needs is a pair of white horses to pull it in a Mardi Gras parade.

MJ said...

Dinner looks like microwaved Spam and gelatin.

Spam Aspic?

Ur-spo said...

This is one some perverted Santa Claus letter.

Michael Guy said...

Does that cell phone come with a razor adapter?

ayeM8y said...

Apparently we need the same things.

You still haven't gotten a new phone?

He's not so bad just a little dated. Remove his glasses and phone and imagine him in bed...mmm I like'em hairy...what can I say I'm a slut.

Anonymous said...

Ha! A cookbook dedicated to microwave cooking for one? Isn't that was microwave cooking is all about. That's ingenious!

mrpeenee said...

Sounds like someone's ready for a trip to Target.

Stephen said...

Have you checked off everything on your list? I have the bed in my garage. I had been using it for sex parties, but you can have it... I want you to have it.

Anonymous said...

Every one of these were on your last scavenger hunt through Nola. Go check your storage unit.